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Full records access

Please enter any questions you have about full record access to patients via SystmOnline / NHS App in the fields below. 

The requirement states:

“(ii) all patients will have online access to their full record, including the ability to add their own information, as the default position from April 2020, with new registrants having full online access to prospective data from April 2019, subject to existing safeguards for vulnerable groups and third party confidentiality and system functionality;”

“(vi) all practices will be giving all patients access online to correspondence by April 2020, as the system moves to digital by default (with patients required to opt-out rather than in);

Please share this with your colleagues in practice. The survey will close at the end of January 2020 and when will compile responses to questions and circulate an FAQ to our practice contacts, and anyone not listed but submitted questions. 


Many thanks,

Will Moyle & Naomi Gruitt-Jeffery
Clinical System Champions (North, East and South)
NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group